Close up of water droplets on waterproof fabric
Handsome yellow dog wearing backpack sits before a beautiful waterfall
Regal looking hound dog wearing dogpak day pack on cobblestone street

Outdoor K9 Gear
Made for Adventure:


Trail Run

PU2k Fabric
Fully Taped

Lash Tabs
Top Pack
Tie Down

One Hand
Easy Clip


Infograph showing features of Moab Lite dog daypack


Who is DOGPAK?

We are a family-owned outdoor K9 gear and content company inspired by the nostalgia of my own personal travels around the globe with my pup Thunder. 

After 12 years, 46 States, 30 countries, and 2 transcontinental motorcycle rallies with old Thunder, I realized that my most endearing memories with my pup came from those unforgettable adventures we shared together—the kinds of journeys that don't always seem fun in the moment but have a tendency to shine in retrospect as we regale our friends over a campfire—the stories that combine suspense and laughter, snorts and tears in equal parts—the kinds of memories built from a questionable unfolding of comedy and mishap, moonlit nights and misty mornings, missed switchbacks and rain soaked shoes, tall tales that grow in zeal and zest with each passing year and each retelling over a bonfire by a mountain lake somewhere beneath the stars. 

We are purveyors of type II fun, full-belly laughs on empty stomachs after long days and many miles. DOGPAK was inspired by the same kinds of adventures that inspire you and your pup. 

Our mission is to help other people develop that same special bond with their pups by making it easier to get outdoors together. We are excited to be presenting our first product: the Moab Lite daypack! 

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